Window Benches

Some of the features that make homes unique can also provide a design challenge in finishing a space.  Bay windows, overly large rooms, or any odd angle in a room all add character to a home, a lot of times for what they look like on the exterior elevations.  But they also present a bit of a pause when it comes time to specify furniture and finishes.

These spaces are never a problem, so to speak, because a design challenge is always an opportunity to come up with an amazing solution.  Let’s take a look at a room that had such an opportunity, and did not capitalize on it.

This is by Sarah Richardson, and I include this option because she DID use window benches at other places in this project, and her decision to not use one here may have been budget related.  In other words, I bet she has a very good reason why she didn’t.  But what we are looking at is the inset windows with two chairs and a small upholstered table between them.  It looks beautiful, but more could have been done.  So let’s look at another room in the same project:

The bench under the window is adorable.  And here is why…window benches allow for several added layers of decoration.  You have your traditional window coverings, but then you add in the details of the bench, upholstering the pad on top, and the pillows that go on top of it, and it’s an opportunity for so much more.  Further, what’s placed under the bench adds interest.  And as always, the lighting makes the space it’s own little moment in the bedroom.

The use of shiplap is subtle texture, which also take the eye out to the view.  Brilliant!

Love the use of the inset shelving on either side of the niche and drawers underneath!

Here is a very large room with an opportunity created by the ceiling lines.  Love the use of grass cloth and the addition of storage closets!

Maybe electrical isn’t in the budget…this is a great use of lamps in the space!

Last but not least:

Orange is a bit dramatic for a bedroom…most people want soothing colors for the place they recharge their batteries.  But this niche is so cool: the lighting, both recessed and pendant, is perfect.  Excellent use of texture with the natural fiber window covers.  Love how the orange gets carried around the room.  Such a fun space for an early teen girl!


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Interior Design Student

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