The Drama of Laundry

Today might not be the day to tackle this subject, because my 11, 13 and 15 year olds have been on summer break (translation: home and available for copious transport) for about a month now.  The build up and excitement of the Fourth of July is behind us, and this morning it seems like I am seeing my house for the first time in a month.  Where in the heck did all of these socks come from?

Admittedly, my dog Phillip likes to relocate them around the house.  But when you are a dog owner, you learn to take certain precautions:  don’t leave a plate of food on the coffee table, keep the bathroom doors shut, and (I thought we knew) keep your socks put away/on your feet.  Apparently not.

But further, various High School/summer sports mean wardrobe changes.  Many, many changes throughout the day.  Apparently, those changes must be executed on the first floor, which makes for a light dusting of various items of clothing through out the main living spaces.

Organization and function is always on my mind, so I start with the things that I cannot change, and the one big immovable truth of my home is that I have a first floor laundry room.  Back when we built our house, it was popular to have the laundry room on the second floor.  We opted not to do that, instead, positioning it off of the garage and off of the locker room, the main thoroughfare into the house.  I have never regretted that move, especially when we bought our front loading washer, who’s spin cycle rivals the decibel level of a jet engine.

As the kids have aged, I find that they are very good at packing clothing for themselves.  Meaning, the clean clothes put neatly away are easy to grab and take with them on the off chance they are needed.  But when they are faced with the daunting task of taking an unworn item back to their rooms to hang up, or just tossing it into the laundry room, well, it gets tossed.  This.  Will.  Not.  Do.  Aside from the fact that it’s not green to be washing unworn clothing, tossing it in the laundry so that mom will fold it and take it up grates my nerves.  Maybe now that the kids are older, a second floor laundry room is the answer?

This weekend I asked my ‘squad’ this very question.  Those with second floor laundry rooms swear by them.  The theory there is that the laundry never comes downstairs.  I am not convinced.  My fear is that my family will start to dress out of the laundry room.  Idea being, it’s all folded or hanging up in there, why move it?  I will have to do more research, because next month we go to Maine for a week.  And I think it will be hard to convince me it’s a better idea to drag those sandy, sea watery messes through the house and up the stairs than to drop them one foot inside the door.  At any rate, here are a couple of laundry rooms that I would GLADLY wash obviously clean clothes in…

I like the function of this room.  It’s gorgeous and white with a bit of bling, but I love the hanging bar.  I really feel like you can’t have enough hanging space in a laundry room.  Drying clothes need room to breathe!

This one makes me so happy to look at, the tile floor, adorable light, blue cabinets, reclaimed wood.  So freaking adorable!

Published by Kate Scheck

Interior Design Student

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