Mud Rooms

Remember when I almost moved?  One of the big reasons I was so excited was that I was going to create a 400 sq ft mud room.  I still get a far away expression and have trouble completing my thought when I talk about it…in my mind, no backpack, running shoe, lacrosse stick, etc would ever make it’s way into the main area of my home with the mud room I was going to build.  No sir.

But it got me thinking…what’s going on in my mud room right now that is making me want to move rather than tackle it?  I can answer that truthfully…13 years now of layering on cork board push pins and stuffing in cubbies has it busting at the seems.  It was time to start over in that room, and I don’t mean knocking out the kitchen to create a giant mudroom.

The misconception is that the mudroom is where you store certain things.  That, for the most part, is not true.  While I subscribe to the theory that you should never put something down NOT in it’s place (just put it back now!), the mud room provides a transitional area to leave items that are either still being used, or are finishing their use.  Examples are wet raincoats, your purse, muddy shoes, anything that can’t just yet go back in it’s regular spot, or whose regular spot is on your person.  The problem in my house is that we have gotten away from it being a transition area, and have started to store things, inappropriately, in there.  It got claustrophobic.  Looking for sunscreen?  Check the ledge above the key rack.  What?

Yes, well, all of that has changed.  Because if you carefully read between the lines of my text here, you will hear a familiar falsehood…I need more storage.  No dear, you need less stuff.  Or more to the point, you need to find a more appropriate place for all that stuff.

The basic math of a mudroom is some sort of bench like run, with shoe keeping capability under it, and some sort of hanging capability at about 5 feet.  Mudrooms are, most of the time, that great small size where you can make a statement and it’s not too overwhelming (cough cough, cement tile floor).   Let’s look at some I found on Houzz…

Love the light fixture, love the floor, love the space.  You name it!

These next two I want to point out because they have fully enclosed fronts.  This is an awesome idea if you can get away with it.  Leave the clutter behind closed doors.

Of course, open lockers look adorable too, and in a smaller space, they feel a little more spacious, provided you don’t overload the hooks!

Those floors!

This last one is the inspiration for my mudroom reno…love!


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Interior Design Student

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