I would like to take a little detour today to reflect on a lecture I saw yesterday on, amongst a number of topics, branding.  In short, every single person walking the earth should be aware of, develop, and maintain a personal brand.

Now this sounds like a lot of busywork at first blush, but think about it.  If we start to consider ourselves as little brands, then what do we need to develop?  A mission statement?  Sure!  Everyone should have a sense of purpose in their lives, and writing it down on paper makes it that much more livable.  A logo?  YES!

A logo is a visual cue that instantly identifies the owner or originator of an object.  Recognize this one?

Image result for target logo images

Yup, that’s Target!  Easy, right?

Image result for mercedes logo

I suppose Mercedes-Benz doesn’t count because most cars use their logos on the hood or trunk for decoration.  But what about someone that used their initials as a logo?

Image result for louis vuitton logo

I can’t imagine not recognizing this one, from Louis Vuitton, but I do suppose that there are people that might not.

Finally, everyone knows this one:

Image result for nike logo

From Nike, when you see the swish on literally every item they make, you know it’s them.

Branding is everywhere.  You can’t open an account on most social media platforms without providing some sort of description of yourself.  Across the vast internet universe, it’s important to present yourself in a consistent manner.  And when you present yourself, let it always be in a way that supports your mission.

My web page developer, Brian, has been after me to come up with a logo for a while.  Hand drawn will not do.  But I was resisting because, quite frankly, I had other seemingly more important things to work on.  No longer.  Soon, I will launch my new logo.  I already have 8 versions to pair down.  I hope the one I land on catches on like:

See the source image

Apple Inc.

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