Feeling Blue

My husband is usually totally on board with (read: mostly indifferent to) my ideas for updating our house.  Painting the foyer apricot (it feels like a hug every time you walk in!) was a small change with a big impact, and after it was painted, he loved it.  I talked about the updates I made to the mudroom in a previous post, including the bright yellow door, and he liked that too.  But when I mentioned painting the kitchen island and stove cabinet blue, he braked real hard.  Whaaaaaaaaat?!  Since when do you second guess moi?

With any client, be it yourself or someone else, it’s important to look at what you have to currently work with before you start dreaming up new, new, new everything.  What I have is a beautifully designed kitchen, that needs a little updating.  Cherry floors, cherry island and stove cabinet, and maple everywhere else.  Lots.  Of.  Wood.  The cabinets are awesome, high-end, well made, and would be a crime to rip out.  So I propose gussying up my kitchen with a bit of paint and tile:

The first rule of blue in a kitchen is that it should be used sparingly.  Combining the white on the perimeter and blue in the middle is brilliant.  This kitchen has a clean feel, with a pop of color.  This kitchen also has a mix of metals that is subtle, but amazing.  Love!

I love this kitchen as well because of the gray perimeter with the blue-gray island.  This is such a soothing color palette.  I love the organic wood elements in the shelves and pendants.  Such a great space!

This one is a great example of getting seriously busy on the bottom half of the room, and letting the top half breath.  I love the use of the cement tile on the floor, and the finishing touch of the blue crown molding.

Not everyone has a gigantic kitchen footprint to work with.  Here is a spot on small space with all of the right ideas.  Notice how great the blue looks with the gold cabinet pulls!

This is the clincher.  I know it’s not my kitchen exactly.  In fact, my snarkier friends will point out it’s the opposite of what I am proposing.  BUT STILL!  The blue looks so great with the pale wood, which maple is.  And that cement tile behind the stove is just the right amount of whimsy.  Plus, I bet it hides marinara splatters like a pro!

The point is, it’s time to tweak the kitchen.  I can’t tell you how happy I am that it is so well designed, and the cabinets are so well made.  That’s an expense, and mess,  I am extremely happy to avoid.  Further, let’s face it, it’s just paint.  But what really makes me happy is that I actually live in a house that can support this look.  The last thing you want to do is make a change to crucial room, like a kitchen, and have it not make sense with the rest of the house.  This one does make sense.

I will let you know what he says…


Published by Kate Scheck

Interior Design Student

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