Going Down?

I didn’t want to name this Basement Flooring, it was just too boring.  However, this title seems a little scandy.  Let’s see if I am brave enough to publish!

Basement flooring can be tricky.  Basements are subterranean; with that comes a host of challenges that can make or break how successful the project outcome will be in the long term.  Nobody really goes into a remodel and says, ‘yup, my basement will take on water at some point.’ But the fact of the matter remains, if you live in the Midwest, moisture in your basement should be a huge consideration.  Fact.

Does that mean you can’t have a beautiful basement?  Absolutely not!  There are tons of selections that are suited to the moisture that a basement invariably offers, and there are beautiful ways to use them.

Vinyl wood flooring, also known as laminate, is not made of wood.  That’s good for the trees!  Real wood is beautiful, but impractical, because moisture makes it swell.  Vinyl is a form of plastic, so moisture doesn’t effect it.  This is a great option if you love love love the look of wood floors.  Vinyl flooring is so well done now, it’s hard to tell the difference between it and actual hardwood.  See below from Honey Bear Lane and Top Joy Flooring…


Here’s one I worked on last summer:


Concrete is another idea.  I love the look of stained concrete, and one of the cool things about a basement is that it doesn’t have to conform to the aesthetic of the rest of the house.  Concrete can start to look a bit modern, so if that isn’t your comfort level, soften it up with texture.  Here are two examples from Coco Lapine Design and Sun Kissed Alba:


Another cool thing to do with concrete is to stencil it.  Here are two from Cutting Edge Stencils and How to Build It.  Make sure you have plenty of time on your hands though!


Of course, you can’t overlook a beautiful tile floor.  There are so many fun ways to use tile, like this one from Studio McGee and Little Green Notebook:



My personal favorite that I am dying to try next I saw on Fixer Upper a few seasons ago:
Gaines Floor

This is a hybrid of porcelain tile and wood look tile.  And it is so easy to do:


These are from Floor & Décor!  Not expensive either…the two together are just $6.38 per square foot, and that was with a quick on line search.

There are countless options you can take when finishing a basement.  Whether you like the wood look, the indestructibility of concrete, or the play with shapes and designs with tile, there are so many ways to make your basement a space that everyone will enjoy visiting.  Have fun!


Published by Kate Scheck

Interior Design Student

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