Night Lighting

I recently helped a friend renovate her master bathroom, and one of the things I insisted on was something that naughtily came to be known as ‘the pee pee light’.  The pee pee light is the light you turn on at 3 am when you aren’t really awake, you just need safe passage to and […]

Cement Tile

Aren’t cement tiles just SO friendly?! The above example is actually 4 tiles. But here is just one. Cement tiles, also known as encaustic tiles, have been on the design scene since the end of the 19th century.  They hit their hay day at the turn of the twentieth century, when people favored them for […]

Fluffing Up

My recent ‘almost move’ has been literally taking over my vocabulary. During the process, I walked through my almost new house with a contractor.  The first thing he asked me was whether I was looking to do major construction, or just ‘fluff it up’.  At which time I flashed to Chip Gaines saying, “It’s Demo […]